Part Time Assistant Program

A perfect solution that helps keep your website, social media and business on point.

For over 25 years the founder of GBC Consulting has developed a system that grows an audience and increases conversions. 

We Complete You

Our Part Time Assistant Program 

We keep our overhead low so that your business can grow

FEATURES (How it works)

  • You receive a 20 minutes weekly strategy session outlining what your assistant needs to accomplish for the week ahead.

  • You receive a dedicated assistant that then performs the tasks outlined in our strategy session for 1 hour a day everyday of the work week. 

    • If we need to build a website from scratch, that becomes the priority.

    • If we need to help tighten up your brand your PA (personal assistant) will work on your brand.

    • If you need help creating social media profiles, your PA will create them.

    • If you need help with SEO, your PA will handle that.

    • If you need help with Social Media, you guessed it, your PA is there for you. 

    • If you need help cold calling.

    • If you need help handling inbound calls.

  • Bottom line, whatever you need help with we are an extension of your company and staff.


  • For less than $100 per week you get a trained web marketing expert managing your presence

  • No more payroll to deal with.

  • No need for benefits to pay.

  • Your PA (Personal Assistant) learns your voice and message over the first few months and can really engage your audience.

  • Build a wide foundation of followers.

  • You don't have to mange your PA.

  • No more hiring issues our staff is already trained.

  • The whole program was designed by our founder who has over 25 years of online marketing experience.

  • We create Alpha/Beta split tests to determine best ads, or images.

  • You get to focus on your business and growing it, while we take care of your marketing for you. 

  • You get a team of experts that can bounce ideas off each other.


Our Part Time Assistant program is now our Part Time Marketing Manager program.

  • 20 Minute weekly consultation call with a Campaign Manager.                                  (We create a strategy for the week ahead during that call)

  • 1 employee will be assigned to your Website, Analytics, Social Media Profiles, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, or whatever is deemed necessary during our weekly calls.

  • 1 Part time assistant works on your business for 1 hour per day 5 days a week. (Whether it is creating a Logo, a Brand, Website, Social Media. Or if you have these assets, we will enhance them and further develop them for you)

  • Create and distribute your branded Social Media posts to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

  • The cost is on a per month basis, and we will need 30 day notice to cancel

  • No Contracts

  • No Commitments

  • Note: SEO usually takes 60-90 days to see results. And we suggest giving campaigns at least 60 days to see results. 

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Your Personal Assistant is here to help you with Web Development, Branding, Social Media and More...

Web Development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network).

Popular Features

Create a website for you 

Optimize your website

Analyze your web traffic 


Branding is a concept that extends far beyond the marketing of “brand name” designer jeans and other products.

Popular Features

Create your brand from scratch

Enhance your existing brand

Help market your brand


Social profiles are a description of individuals' social characteristics that identify them on social media sites.

Popular Features

Create your social media profiles

Enhance your social media presence

Promote your social media

Why So Affordable

We feel one of the biggest problems with online marketing is that there are no standards. Large agencies charge outrageous fees that are too expensive for small and medium size companies. Attempting to handle your marketing on your own, can lead to wasted money and little to no results.

Our solution was to set up offices abroad and offer the same service as a large agency. Our management team spends half of the time in the US and the other overseas training the team to achieve the same levels of success as you would expect from a large agency. We believe the days of huge overhead, and large offices space is a thing of the past. We have low overhead, so we can over deliver for our clients.

Stay Informed

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