How Cold Email Marketing Can Grow Your Business?

Never play down the importance of email marketing. Executives still spend most of their days checking email. As we all know, direct mail and cold calling have been the top method in acquiring new customers, but cold calling is time consuming and virtually impossible to get your prospects on the phone. Here are some basics concepts of email marketing:

Find your prospects. The first thing you need to consider is your target audience. It is important that you research and send your emails to the right people.

Know your sales formula. You should identify what tactics you will be used. Usually, the “AIDA” (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) method is the most effective strategy that would capture someone’s attention. The best thing you can do is send more quality emails rather than more quantity.

Know your customer. Identify and verify your prospect by conducting deep research. This will give you strategic approach to capture their attention. You will have a much higher chance of getting a response. It will also prepare you for sales calls for the next step in the funnel.

Craft engaging subject lines. By far the most important aspect of getting a prospect to open your email is crafting an engaging subject line. “Can we discuss marketing” will most likely not illicit a response. However, “These 2 tips will help grow your business, guaranteed” might encourage your prospect to dig deeper. You of course must be able to back up your claim, so letting them know 1 of those tips is a great idea, and will also show them you have value. You need to come up with a compelling subject line. Another tip is to ask a question and use the word "your." When you use "your" in the subject line, your prospect will be curious as to what your email is talking about.

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