Telling your business story helps boost your social media

Storytelling is one of the most successful tactics entrepreneurs use to establish a connection with their customers.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways that help your business truly connect with potential clients. You will gain more real followers and by storytelling will help make you’re your business more noticeable. The following proven techniques will help guide you:

1. Use your “Why” to drive your narrative

Every great story is driven by the purpose. It’s important to express your thematic question or “why” behind your business or service to your audience in unique way. Themes are universal and should be used to connect on a personal level with your audience and their wants.

2. Make your audience the hero of the story

In social media strategies, you must engage with your followers simply by making the audience the hero. Build your tribe, your community and then celebrate them. Emulating your audience as a hero will help tap you into a powerful form of mirroring that will help your customer base grow.

3. Allow your audience to write their own roles

This kind of storytelling works at every level. It allows your audience aspire and inspire their own image in different roles through showing them the images that tell them the story of the roles they could fill using your product or service.

4. Start every story with a problem to be solved

Identify the problems your audience faces every day and show them how you can help overcome these daily struggles.

5. Nobody wants to support a villain

Always focus on keeping your social media positive and uplifting. Don’t get into any arguments, avoid it, or offer other alternatives. A powerful way to show you’re a brand to root for is to be one of the most visual campaigns on social media. Also use your power of social posts to tap into the millennial generation’s socially-conscious leanings, or offerings.

6. Everyone is entitled to their happily ever

Your purpose is to improve the lives of your customers through your products and services. Always focus on your strategy and give back to the community when you can. Social media is a platform that’s centered around selling the best version of tomorrow. Always focus on the happily ever after.

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