How to use video in social media marketing?

When it comes to social media marketing, your goal is to stop someone’s thumb from scrolling, to grab their attention and to win them over. It is proven that videos engage consumers more than traditional marketing content. Recently, Facebook allows longer videos in people’s news feed in order to keep viewers on the platform based on the percentage of each video they watch. Here’s some tactics on how to grab consumers attention using videos:

First: You can use an attention-grabbing thumbnail.

Second: You need to analyze and understand why people are watching. This will give you a better insight on how and what to keep delivering to your audience.

Third: Don’t force your product or service on your audience, because knowing the reason they are watching will help you better shape your content. Always remember that you need to respect the audience’s time, in order to establish that it will be justified.

Fourth: Grab and hold audience’s attention long enough to state your value in how your product or service can solve their issue/s. Deliver value and always use subtitles. Do not be afraid to give away your company's "secret sauce." Giving consumers actionable advice that they can actually use will develop trust with your target market.

Fifth: Your product or service pitch has to define flawlessly within your video. It’s important that you do not affect your users' thought process. Always make sure the pitch ties in and is properly placed, if not you will lose your users. Be direct and avoid too much information.

Lastly, Don’t just leave the consumer hanging, always finish with a call to action. They will take an action when your content is engaging and has delivered enough value. At the end of a video, there should have the link say “Contact Us”. A user’s time and attention are sparse, so when you take their hand and show them next steps, it greatly increases the chance that they will take that action you want them to take. Use a link that directs them to your calls to action or next steps in the video. Make sure that your product or service actually solves the user’s issue or problem. Respecting their time by walking them through a problem and offering a solution speaks volumes.

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